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Azadi March, A test for Judiciary?

PTI Chairman and former prime minister Imran Khan is protesting against the newly formed government in Pakistan by holding a long march from Peshawar, KPK to the capital city, Islamabad on Tuesday 25 May. He said that the party's Azadi March, scheduled to start tomorrow (May 25) will be a test for the judiciary, police, as well as the "neutrals".

He expressed the hope that the country's youth will have a sense of responsibility, adding that the PTI was carrying out a peaceful protest.

The former premier said that his party, for the last 26 years, has always staged its protests while keeping the law and Constitution of Pakistan in mind.

"We have never hurt the police or the people in any way," he added.

While keeping in mind that the current Interior Minister rana Sanaullah said, “Govt won't allow PTI's march to avoid spread of 'fitna' and 'fasad'.”

Addressing a press conference, flanked by the leaders of coalition parties, Sanaullah said that the participants of the long march will be stopped.

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