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CNN president, Jeff Zucker, resigns over an undisclosed relationship

Jeff Zucker resigned as head of CNN, leaving one of the most powerful positions in American media on Wednesday after admitting he had not disclosed a romantic relationship with another CNN executive.

Mr. Zucker, 56, wrote in a note Wednesday that the case arose from an internal investigation into the conduct of CNN anchor Chris Cuomo, who was fired in December for his brother's involvement in the former governor's political activities. Andrew M. Cuomo of New York.

Zucker's email did not include the name of the person he was in a relationship with, but Stelter said it was Allison Gollust, vice president and chief marketing officer at CNN.

According to Stelter, Gollust admitted he sent a separate note to staff.

Zucker’s debut came almost a year after CNN told CNN it was about to be released but decided to stay online until the end of 2021. A former NBC chief executive, Zucker joined CNN in 2013 to help with operations around the world.

Prominent former CNN figures told social media that Zucker and Gollust’s relationship was an open secret, even though the news of his release from duty was shocking.

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