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COVID rises again in Europe; What does it mean for US?

The rise in cases of Covid-19 in Europe due to the more contagious strain of Omicron has raised concerns that a new wave of cases will follow in the United States and will usually stop in Europe within a few weeks.

Europe has recently seen an increase in cases of another type of Omicron called BA.2, which has also spread to the United States, where it accounts for about 23.1% of all Covid cases in recent weeks, according to the CDC. From 13.7% of cases a week ago.

BA.2 is considered a subspecies of omicron because even if there are small differences that make it different, the new line is not enough. However, some studies suggest that BA.2 is more contagious than the original omicron strain.

U.S. disease experts say they are actually looking at European trends. But experts are reluctant to say with certainty whether the new Covid-19 wave is on the horizon around the world or is of immediate concern to the United States but suggests that all should maintain the safety and health standards.

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