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KFC and Pizza Hut faces backlash over tweets on Kashmir

New Delhi: Global brands like KFC and Pizza Hut faces backlash, after their twitter handles in Pakistan tweeted about solidarity with Kashmir. The Indians are angered over their tweets since Kashmir is very controversial matter in the South Asia. The two countries, Pakistan and India have fought many wars over this issue, the UN has also tried to resolve this issue between the two countries but in vain.

The Pakistani handles of Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) KFC, Pizza h8ut, KIA motors and Hyundai tweeted expressing their support for Kashmiri’s and their struggles. The Pakistanis started tweeting in support of these brands while the Indians got furious. They say that these brands can not be hypocrites, they can either run their business in India or support Kashmir. Many users in India are calling for boycotting these brands, many cancelled their orders of Hyundai cars, KFC branches in Indian cities were forced to stop their business. For many days, the following were trending on twitter and other social media platforms.

#BoycottHyundai, #BoycottKFC and #BoycottPizzaHut

After facing these backlashes, the brands went into damage control mode. Hyundai India unit said that it has zero tolerance policy towards insensitive communications and strongly condemn any such view. KFC India, while tweeting also tweeted and apologized for the post and said it honours and respect India.

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