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Netflix Weekly's Top 10 Most-Watched TV Shows

We're here with another recommendation, this time one that you can watch on Netflix while you're locked in your homes.

These recommendations are based on Netflix Weekly's Top 10 Most-Watched TV Shows and Movies. These lists sort titles by hours viewed per week: the total number of hours members worldwide viewed each title from Monday to Sunday in the previous week.

Source: Netflix

  1. The Royal Treatment

  2. Brazen

  3. Don't Look Up

  4. The Secret Life of Pets 2

  5. Riverdance: The Animated Adventure

  6. Munich – The Edge of War

  7. After We Fell

  8. Red Notice

  9. Back to the Outback

  10. Mother/Android

Don't forget to give them the watch and let us know how you found it in the comments section below. Share your suggestions and comments with us.

Stay tuned for next week’s top picks.

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