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Whatsapp Update: Soon Group admins will be able to delete messages from anyone

Meta-owned WhatsApp, an instant messaging app, as in the past, constantly introduces new features and updates to improve the user experience. It is reportedly working on a new feature that would allow group admins on WhatsApp to delete messages for other members of the group as well.

Information about the new feature is shared on WaBetaInfo's Twitter handle.

The tweet read, "If you are a group admin, you will be able to delete any message for everyone in your groups, in a future update of WhatsApp beta for Android. A good moderation, finally. #WhatsApp."

WhatsApp trackers also shared a screenshot of a tweet showing how messages deleted by group admins would be displayed to Android users. Once deployed, it will be easier for group administrators to delete obscene or inappropriate messages.

According to WABetaInfo, WhatsApp plans to implement two-step verification for desktop and web versions in a future update. Two-step verification is already available in the mobile app version and you need to enter your personal PIN when registering your WhatsApp phone number.

The update will give admins more control over group chats and will be able to delete messages sent by anyone in group chats for everyone. However, the release date of this update is unclear.

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